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Beats going to work! San Francisco rolls out program to PAY people $300-a-month...


San Francisco is offering to pay people $300 a month - if they promise not to shoot each other.

The 'woke' scheme to curb soaring violent crime is set to begin in October, offering gift cards as an incentive for prospective criminals to lay down their guns.

Called the Dream Keeper Fellowship, the pilot program will kick off with 10 individuals who are deemed at high risk of committing a shooting or being shot, paying them $300 to act as 'public safety ambassadors.'

Sweeteners could kick the monthly payments up to $500 if they meet certain benchmarks, such as seeking a job or maintaining parole appointments.

The program will be funded by local taxpayers, along with private donations and possibly a federal grant. 

It comes as violent crime skyrockets in many cities, including San Francisco, where gun crimes are up 100 percent so far this year, compared to the prior year. 

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, a Democrat, insisted in an interview that the generous program is not simply 'cash for criminals.'

'These folks do not have any sort of income. And so part of what we're trying to do is make sure that money is not a barrier to turning your life around,' Breed told KPIX-TV

City officials claim the controversial pilot scheme is based on the theory that criminals' bleak financial circumstances cause them to carry out violent crimes. 

The program is run by the Human Rights Commission and Office of Economic and Workforce Development and is funded through the Dream Keeper Initiative, a city program that works to redirect funding into communities of color.