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Snowden Warns Smartphone Owners About Danger of Personal Data Scanning by Phonemakers

• by Sputnik News

The remark, related to Apple's new controversial scanning system for iPhones, was made during the annual New Knowledge conference in Russia, which is running this year from Wednesday to Friday. The technology is set to be installed on users' devices with the upcoming iOS 15 update, and is said to scan photos for child pornography.

"[Apple] breaks down this barrier between service and your phone, and now they start scanning on your phone. They can scan for anything, they can scan for political criticism, they can scan for financial records, they can scan for really anything," Snowden said, noting that once Apple has established the precedent of using this type of scanning, it loses the ability to say the company will never use it.

The new technology has caused privacy concern among people around the world, even though it is said to be coming out only in the United States and us