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How nose cartilage cells are being weaponized against osteoarthritis

• by Nick Lavars

The researchers have since taken some exciting strides forward with their technology, most recently demonstrating how the engineered nasal tissue can not only act as structural reinforcement for troublesome joints, but also how its unique properties can counter inflammation in severe osteoarthritis

The research is the work of scientists at Switzerland's University of Basel, and looks to harness some of the unique capabilities of cells found in the nasal septum, the cartilage in between the nostrils. One thing that separates these cells from those found in articular cartilage in the joints is that that they lack certain genes that inhibit reproduction, meaning they can grow and form cartilage far more easily. Conveniently, this remains the case even as we age, meaning that they could theoretically be used as treatments for deteriorating joints in elderly people.