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Biden Laughs and Takes Selfies as Taliban Holds Planes Filled with Americans Hostage (VIDEO)

• By Cristina Laila

Biden marked Labor Day by delivering Capriotti's sandwiches to union members.

Meanwhile, Americans are being held hostage in Afghanistan.

As reported earlier, the Taliban is holding six planes filled with Americans and Afghan SIVs HOSTAGE in Northern Afghanistan.

The planes cannot take off unless the Taliban clears them, which can easily be handled with a telephone call. Our heroes and the people they rescued are sitting ducks, hostages of the Taliban, who operate the airport at Mazar-i-Sharif.

The State Department is not helping these Americans, who are at the mercy of the Taliban.

And Dementia Joe is more interested in acting like a celebrity than a Commander-in-Chief.

Joe Biden took selfies with union members, and even spoke to one of their mothers over the phone.

What a disgrace.