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Podcast #361: Tips for Fulltime Retired Solo Women RV Travelers

• RV Lifestyle

A growing subset of the RV Lifestyle community is fulltime retired solo women RV Travelers and in this post and episode 361 of the RV Podcast we meet one of them, a 65-year-old woman who retired after a long career as a high school teacher to embrace a nomadic life of fulltime travel in her RV.

In our Interview of the week segment, you'll meet Cynthia Waldrop, who has some great tips and an inspiring tale for all of us, whether the fulltime RV life is on the horizon or whether we just want to get out there on weekends and holidays.

Cynthia shares her experience as an older solo female RVer, the good, the bad and everything in between.

You will not want to miss her story! Plus we have RV News, we answer your RV questions and we offer up a simple trick to help with storage problems in your RV.

Below is a video version of the entire podcast, including Cynthia's interview.

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