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Jim Rogers: The 'Worst Bear Market Of Our Lifetime' Is Nearing Fast - Debt, Inflation & Cris

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But given today's macroenvironment, he's more concerned about the market's future prospects than he's ever been before. In fact, he confidently predicts we will experience a massive economic and financial correction that will result in the biggest bear market of our lifetime.

Too much debt. Rising inflation. Currency debasement. Malinvestment. Central bank intervention. Geopolitical stress. The current macroeconomic environment has it all. Rogers predicts collapse will begin in the weaker countries/companies first, and then cascade it way towards the US, eventually plunging the entire system into deep recession, if not a downright Depression.

Here in Part 1 of our interview with Jim, he explains how bad he thinks things will get and why. And in Part 2, he shares the asset classes he thinks will fare best in preserving wealth during the tribulations to come.