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Secrets of a Professional Bodyguard: How to Stay Safe in a Crowd

• Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

Have you ever wondered how personal protection experts can manage to watch a big crowd to keep a high-profile individual safe from the one person in the crowd who wants to do them harm? I recently had the opportunity to conduct a fascinating interview and learn some of the secrets of a professional bodyguard.

I recently met Drew, who has been working in the personal security sector at a high level for several years. Formerly a member of the US military, he has undergone rigorous training to be able to identify those who pose a threat to the person whom he is protecting and to work with a team to keep them safe.

While we certainly can't all afford our own private security teams, there's a lot we can learn from a guy who does this kind of work full-time.

Why do we need to learn the secrets of a professional bodyguard?

The world has gotten a lot crazier over the past few years and tensions have grown. There are a variety of reasons for this:

Political strife

Potential terrorism

Medical freedom

Racial tension

Extremist philosophies

People from every possible facet of life are angry, and angry people are dangerous. Add a crowd dynamic and mob mentality to that anger and you don't have to be a high-profile figure to become a target. Remember the lady who was having dinner at a sidewalk cafe and faced the ire of a group of people who wanted her to pledge obeisance to their political cause?

If everyday people can easily become targets, you can imagine how dangerous it is to be a public figure or celebrity. But the tides have turned to the extent that now, we can all benefit from learning the secrets of a professional bodyguard. Drew and I spoke for a few hours about the following topics, and I've turned our discussion into an article that I hope you'll find informative. Any mistakes in conveying the information are completely mine.

What are the visual cues that indicate someone is potentially violent?