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MTA To Start Issuing $50 Fines To Riders Not Wearing Masks

• CBS New York

Safety on the subway is always top of mind, and now it's not just about protecting passengers from crime but from COVID.

To halt unnecessary health risks and keep precautions on track, the MTA is urgently warning refusing to cover your face will cost you $50.

"We need everyone to do their part and mask up. We know this is what our customers want. They told us they feel safer when they see their fellow customers wearing masks," said MTA Chief Safety Officer Patrick Warren. "It's the ultimate sign of respect."

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Comment by Ed Price
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The answer is rather simple. If you are against masks or anything that government does to you illegally, invoice them. | "You can't ride the bus without a mask." " Is it your order for me to wear a mask while using the public transit system?" (If the answer is "yes" or other wording that indicates a "yes," comply, and invoice them). | Here's the fun part. They ordered you without suggesting a fee amount to pay you for following their orders. They left the fee wide open. Make it a $billion when you invoice them - payable within 21 days, or 6% interest added to the unpaid balance, and will be added every following 21 days. Send them a new invoice reflecting the unpaid balance every month. After a few months and they don't pay, issue FAIR WARNING that you will be suing them in court if they won't pay. ...