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URGENT: D.C. Parents, Help Us Protect Children From Being Vaccinated Without Parental Consent


Children's Health Defense (CHD) and Parental Rights Foundation (PRF) on July 12 filed a joint lawsuit challenging the D.C. Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2020 as unconstitutional.

The recently enacted law allows children 11 and older to receive vaccinations at school without the knowledge or consent of a parent. 

Under the new law, even if the parent previously submitted a written religious exemption statement, school officials may secretly administer vaccines to the child against the parents' written directive.

The legal action by CHD and PRF included a motion for a temporary injunction to stop the District of Columbia from administering COVID vaccines to children without the parents' knowledge or consent, until the case goes to trial and the merits of the case can be decided by a jury. 

On Sept. 2, the court heard oral arguments for the motion for a temporary Injunction. During the hearing the court strongly inferred the case had legal merit, but the plaintiffs had not yet demonstrated "standing."