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Mother Jones says natural immunity doesn't exist, calls it a "dangerous theory"

•, Ethan Huff

Butler says she worries that "anti-vaxxers" are running wild with this "dangerous theory," causing it to go mainstream. In her view, the only way to gain any immunity at all is to take Big Pharma "vaccines."

"… the experts I talked to weren't at all surprised to see these discredited ideas making the rounds," Butler smugly wrote in her piece about those who believe in the conspiracy theory of natural immunity.

"[T]hey've seen them before in the anti-vaccination and extreme holistic medicine communities. This is the coronavirus edition of their pervasive belief in 'natural immunity.'"

Butler went on to cite numerous "experts" from places like Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and Yale University to make it sound like people in the know have fully disproven the idea of natural immunity.

"We have heard from those that are concerned about vaccines the argument that they prefer to allow their immune system to be naturally exposed to a specific pathogen to gain immunity," wrote one of them, JHU's Rupali Limaye, in an email to Butler.

"It's a spinoff of previous theories we've seen," added another from Yale. "This is all the usual stuff."