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Nasal spray with nanobodies from llamas may be key to fighting coronavirus: Study

•, by: Zoey Sky

Nanobodies from llamas?

Researchers who participated in the study found that minuscule antibodies produced by llamas can potentially help treat coronavirus. These beneficial virus-fighting proteins could then be given to infected people via a nasal spray.

The research team from the Rosalind Franklin Institute (RFI) in Oxfordshire included experts from the University of Liverpool, University of Oxford and Public Health England (PHE).

During the study, researchers discovered that nanobodies, or a smaller type of antibody produced by both llamas and camels, can effectively target SARS-CoV-2, the type of viral strain that causes coronavirus.

Findings showed that giving short chains of the nanobodies to infected animals significantly reduced signs of illness. The researchers noted that the results are promising since the nanobodies can be easily mass-produced in a laboratory, making them a cheaper and easier alternative to human antibodies.