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All Hell Is Breaking Loose In Energy Markets

• by Tyler Durden

And unfortunately for Europe's population, with every passing day - and to a lesser extent hedge funds such as Statar Capital which suffered a big loss in the past few days - it's only getting worse. As Bloomberg's Javier Blas notes today, both UK NBP and Dutch TTF natural gas benchmarks have closed the day at their highest ever settlement level, up ~11% on the day (to a closing price equal to more than $26 per mBtu).

Natural gas prices in Europe have surged past $25 per million British thermal unit, more than 400% higher than the 2010-2020 average, and significantly higher than in the U.S., where the commodity trades at around $5 per million Btu. In Asia, liquefied natural gas has recently changed hands at around $27 per million Btu, a seasonal record high, as China has also been hit by a widespread energy crisis (see "Millions Of Chinese Residents Lose Power After Widespread, "Unexpected" Blackouts; Power Company Warns This Is "New Normal""). Also, for those who haven't read it yet, please check out Rabobank's extensive recap of Europe's energy crisis which we posted over the weekend.