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How I Escaped a Secret Government Quarantine Hotel in British Colombia, Canada

• by Press for Truth

Isabella Alexandria, an American woman who married a Canadian man, tested positive for Covid at the border as they were returning to their home in Canada, while her husband tested negative. She was retested and the result came back negative. Canada's health authorities told her that because their home has only one bedroom and one bathroom, they were not allowed to quarantine together as they had planned. A driver picked her up but would not tell her where he was taking her. She was taken to a hotel room and left alone without any explanations. She was told that she would spend ten days in quarantine. The government paid for her stay. She realized the authorities were acting outside the law and she made a video and received hundreds of responses. She researched the Quarantine Act and found that she could have quarantined with her husband's family, but was not given the option, and the authorities denied her request to leave. Initially, she was told that if she left, she would be fined $7,500. Each time she asked what the fine was, the figure was reduced. After five days, she tried to break out, but the walls were covered in plastic sheets, and she could not find the exit doors.