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US Warns China's Actions "Increase The Rise Of A Miscalculation" As Taiwan Urges '

• Zero Hedge

As expected a flurry of threats and counter-threats have been issued between China, Taiwan, and the Untied States in the wake of Monday's largest ever Chinese military aircraft incursion of contested airspace near Taiwan, which saw 52 PLA jets - including bombers and reconnaissance planes - breach the self-ruled island's southwest air defense zone. 

The hugely provocative formation marked four consecutive days of larger and larger PLA formations breaching the airspace, and comes the same day Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told an Australian broadcaster that Taiwan is preparing for war and wants Canberra to be more involved. The US Department of Defense responded to Monday's PLA sortie by calling out the "increasing military activities by China near Taiwan" as "destabilizing" which serve to "increase the rise of a miscalculation"