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9/24/21 Barbara Grant on What Really Happened on the Final Day of the Waco Siege

•, by Scott

Grant was busy working on a satellite when it happened in 1993, but she later became interested in the infrared footage featured in the 2000 film Waco: A New Revelation. The footage shows several flashes occurring behind the compound. The film argued that these flashes were gunfire while the Government dismissed them as solar reflections. Grant, who has studied and worked with infrared technology, decided to use her expertise to try and get to the truth. In this interview, she tells Scott about her experience investigating and what she concluded. 

Discussed on the show:

"When the Government Lied: Waco's Infrared Deception" (Vimeo)

Waco: A New Revelation (IMDb)

Waco: Rules of Engagement (IMDb)

The FLIR Project

Barbara Grant is an engineer, author, and educator trained in radiometry and remote sensing.