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Rivian: Electrifying The TransAmerica Trail, Off-Road To The Max

•, By: Steven Loveday

We've reported on not one, but two ridiculous Rivian R1T off-road trips. The startup electric pickup truck maker didn't hold back when it came to testing the truck's extreme off-road capabilities. You may remember, an R1T traveled from Patagonia in South America, all the way up to California. The second adventure was a trek across the TransAmerica Trail (TAT).

Rivian promised electric adventure vehicles like we've never seen before, and the startup automaker lived up to that promise. Now, the company has released a new video about the most recent trek across America, along with an accompanying story that provides loads of details.

Over the course of the summer of 2021, Rivian drove two R1T electric pickup trucks for a whopping 7,770 miles across mostly dirt roads and trails. The journey traversed the entire US, from coast to coast. Of course, the trip was packed with incredible scenery in very remote areas, though it's hard to imagine exactly what the electric pickup trucks were up against without seeing a glimpse of it for yourself.

While the remarkable trail is not that widely known or talked about, Rivian says it's not uncommon to see off-road vehicles braving it, as well as motorcycles, bicycles, and even horses. However, two uniquely designed fully electric pickup trucks are sure to get lots of attention on such a trail.