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We replaced our NOISY AC with a QUIET RV Air Conditioner

•, Mike Wendland

It was an expensive upgrade – over $3,000 after purchase and installation, which took the better part of the day.

So it's not for everyone.

But it is for us. Here's a video that shows how loud the stick 15000 BTU Dometic was that came with our unit and how our new one is in comparison.

First, let me say up front that we paid for our own unit ourselves and its installation.

This is not a sponsored post.

We write about it because, for us, it was a very significant upgrade and we think a lot of other RVers will find this interesting. But no one has paid us for this story. It's all our own.

The Quiet RV Air Conditioner – that's what it is marketed as – was installed at Advanced RV in Willoughby, Ohio, which makes its own very high-end customer Class B RVs and also does some upfitting of certain features and accessories for other RVs.

It's manufactured under the brand name Houghton and while a quick link around the Internet shows it being sold by several companies, we chose Advanced RV for the installation because Willoughby, Ohio wasn't that far from our house in the Detroit suburbs and we know the folks there well as we've done several stories on their RVs.

Even though the unit is only 13,500 BTUs compared to the 15,000 BTU unit from Dometic that it replaced, Advanced RV CEO Mike Neundorfer said the efficiency of the Quiet RV Air Conditioner more than compensates for the difference.

He says that after rigorously testing it against three similarly-rated rooftop RV Air Conditioners, it was the clear winner.