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29 Must-Have Camping Gadgets for 2022

•, Mike Wendland

In that light, we thought it would be wise to get this articleout right now.

In the olden days camping was pretty simple: a tent, sleeping bag, compass, and some other basic items, and you were ready to go. Today, there are so many camping gadgets available that it's hard to know which ones are really life-changing, and which are excessive. 

Ranging in definition of "necessity," here are a bunch of camping gadgets that we love based on our own experience or recommended by others in our Facebook group.

With only a couple of exceptions, most of these are fairly inexpensive.

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29 Must-Have Camping Gadgets for 2022
Here's our list of 29 must-have camping gadgets. They are in no particular order. We love and use many of these, and the rest were highly recommended by members of our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group!

We've put our Amazon affiliate links with each gadget, which means we get a small commission on the sale of each item. It doesn't affect the price you pay at all.

Camping in the woods means you and your pets will likely encounter ticks. The TickKey products are great for easy and quick tick removal. 

We always keep them in the RV and often toss one in our backpack when going on a hike.