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Bob Griswold and Dave Hodges- Connecting the Dots Regarding the Deliberate Apocalypse Befalling ...

• by Dave Hodges

Remember, the Deagel Report predicted over 250 million American deaths, from various causes, by 2025.

It is becoming clear to many experts who have worked in this arena, for decades, and include people ranging from Steve Quayle to Mike Adams to Bob Griswold, that we do not have much time. Please take this dot-connecting article, based, in part, on a recent TV interview (available at thecommonsenseshow.TV) that I did with Bob Griswold, which parallels parts of interviews I have done with Steve Quayle and Mike Adams, all are saying the same thing: Millions of people who can read these words will not survive what is arriving in America unless you are able to take extreme action, IMMEDIATELY!!!

This article will briefly connect the dots, related to some, but certainly not all, of the threats that are nation and citizen killing. Further, a short-list of proactive steps will be offered to stimulate immediate action. There is no guarantee of survival in the physical realm, however, all who are reading these words can get on bended knee and surrender to Jesus Christ and be assured an eternal place in the Kingdom of God!