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'We are parents, not domestic terrorists:


A former New York City public defender has slammed the city's school system for imposing CRT on kids and the FBI's attack on parents who disagree with it, writing on Bari Weiss' substack channel Common Sense that they are parents 'not domestic terrorists.' 

Maud Maron is a former public defender who claims to have been wrongfully dismissed earlier this year because she is white. She sued the Legal Aid Society at the time for wrongful dismissal. 

The mother-of-four is now taking on the NYC school system. She says she is becoming increasingly concerned about how critical race theory is imposed on young kids. 

Maron, who is also running for city council, also slammed the Department of Justice and FBI for treating concerned parents like her as if they were 'domestic terrorists' by threatening to prosecute them if they are perceived to be violently threatening towards teachers.

'I am a mother of four, a criminal defense attorney and a lifelong liberal who is deeply concerned about the direction of New York City's public schools. I've been outspoken about my views, along with an untold number of frustrated parents. 

'For that, the FBI is considering using the PATRIOT Act against me,' Maron wrote. 

She was among millions of parents who the FBI is warning it will target if they become aggressive against school staff who they disagree with. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland gave the warning in a memo last week in response to a letter that the National School Board Association wrote to Joe Biden the previous week, asking for his help.