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FIRST READING: Buckle up for the mass health-care firings

• by Tristin Hopper

Remember all those health-care workers we banged pots for and spent months proclaiming as heroes? Thousands of them are about to get fired . Under new federal vaccine mandates that Reuters has called  "one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the world," any health-care worker who refuses a COVID shot faces dismissal, with no options to substitute regular testing or even to opt out on account of prior COVID-19 recovery.

In Quebec, with hard vaccine mandates poised to eliminate up to 20,000 workers from the province's already overstretched health system , the provincial government has extended the deadline to Nov. 15 in a bid to boost vaccinations.

Postal workers are suddenly exempt from federal vaccine mandates, however . This week, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers got an exemption to the mandate wherein they can instead submit to a free weekly COVID-19 test.