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FAKE MAGA Communist RINO Republicans are America First IMPOSTERS!


Yesterday, we stressed how important it is to unseat Jaime Herrera Beutler in Washington. But knocking off one or two Rino Republicans here and there won't be enough to win back this country. We need 218 of them.

Hopefully, Teddy Daniels can be one of those 218. He's running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 8th District. Now, that's a seat that Republicans absolutely need to win back next year. It's a district that voted for Donald Trump but also reelected its Democratic representative. We need to flip it back.

Teddy Daniels certainly has the material to do it. Sure, he's pro-Trump, America-first, you name it, but he also has a great personal story. He spent 15 years as a police officer but decided he needed a change, so in his mid-30s he went and enlisted in the Army. He joined the infantry and went off to fight in Afghanistan, where he credits God with miraculously saving his life. But I'm not going to tell that story when he can tell it himself.

Teddy Daniels joined the show.