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The 6 Best Wool Blankets for Camping (2021)

•, Mike Wendland

While most people have a heated RV or sleeping bag to sleep in while camping, it is still good to have a quality camping blanket. It is nice to use when cozying up around the fire, cuddling in while stargazing, or even for backup if a surprise cold front moves in.

If you want to stay cozy on cold nights, then consider getting wool. It is an excellent choice because wool is made of natural fiber. It can keep in your body heat, fighting off any bitter cold weather that comes your way.

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Types of Wool

Most wool outdoor blankets use a twill weave. That means it has a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs, which helps the blanket drape well.

There are different types of wool to choose from. Choosing what type of wool really comes down to personal preference.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is a type of wool that is a natural fiber, grown using Merino sheep.

It is softer and thinner than other types of wool, making it nice to have next to your skin. Not only can it help regulate your body temperature, it can wick away sweat.