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Did the Davos gang just admit these "COVID vaccines" inject traceable markers,--


We'll admit our response to people reporting these COVID "vaccines" (they're not vaccines; they contain no part of the as-yet-never-isolated pathogenic organism; they're gene alteration mechanisms that can cripple your existing immune system) contain graphene oxide, which allows the site of your "inoculation" to be detected with a magnet, was your basic "That's weird, but there's so much weird stuff going around; why would they do that?"

But obviously these people have no intention of settling for a "note from your mother" that you got "jabbed." No, their "COVID passport" scheme is much more ambitious than that. Here we find them explaining that once you get the "jab," they can scan your blood to make sure you've been "marked and numbered" befiore allowing you to go to the grocery store, to a restauramnt, to, you know, to . . . "buy and sell":