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Chinese Medicine Expert Weighs in on COVID and Natural Healing

• By Children's Health Defense Team

On the latest episode of CHD.TV's "What's Your View?" host Sumayyah Simone interviewed Ann Tomoko Rosen, an acupuncturist board-certified in Chinese herbal and body work healing, about COVID, healing and science.

Simone admitted she has a medicine cabinet full of supplements, which she heard were all good for her, but wondered — are they good for her now?

And what if every person in her family has COVID, but each person is showing a different kind of "sickness?"

Simone also asked, is it true the health freedom movement has settled into a one-size-fits-all approach to health and healing? Should we be thinking deeper about our health choices? Should we be more in tune with our own bodies when it comes to the supplements we take and the herbs we use?

Rosen answered these questions and more, including speaking out on what the Chinese medical community thinks about the COVID response of using ventilators as the go-to medical intervention.

Rosen said there is much "chatter" from the Chinese medicine community, suggesting we may need to step back and look at our unhealthy habits. She said the human body is complex, but health solutions are often simple — if we tune into our bodies.