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Microsoft Blames The Russians For Yet Another "Extensive Cyberattack"

• Zero Hedge

With President Biden's domestic agenda deadlocked in Congress, and his approval rating plunging, are the Dems' allies in Big Tech trying to help revive the Russian hysteria to try and give their doddering leader a bit of a boost?

Late Sunday, the NYT reported that Microsoft, along with a group of "cybersecurity experts", warned late Sunday that Russia's SVR intelligence agency - the same people allegedly responsible for the SolarWinds hack, one of the most extensive cyberattacks in recent memory, has launched another massive campaign to infiltrate thousands of different computer networks belonging to the US government, companies and think thanks. This latest 'cyber assault' follows the Biden Administration's decision to slap new economic sanctions on Russia. Biden also publicly promised that the US would 'retaliate' against Russia in response to what he described as a global campaign of cyber intrusions, prompting scoffs from some of his critics.