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'They were holding my kidney hostage':

• by James Gordon

A Colorado hospital is denying a 56-year-old woman a kidney transplant until she gets the COVID-19 vaccine

Leilani Lutali was removed from the kidney transplant list because neither she not her friend, Jamiee Fougner, 45, who is her organ donor, are vaccinated 

UCHealth requires transplant participants to be vaccinated because recipients are at significant risk of contracting COVID-19 and dying from the virus post-op

Fougner said she has not received the vaccine for religious reasons, and Lutali hasn't got the shot because she says there are 'too many unknowns'

The pair are now looking at a hospital in Texas to have the procedure performed

Earlier this months, Michelle Vitullo, 65, was set to get her daughter's kidney 

The Cleveland Clinic cancelled the procedure because the pair are unvaccinated