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Prince Charles urges radical rethink of our cities to combat climate change


The long-time campaigner wants the days of long commutes to end, and envisages a society in which workplaces will be a short journey from our homes. The Prince of Wales argues there should be green corridors allowing people to walk or cycle safely without having to weave through traffic and supports rapid transport systems to make travel easier and cleaner for the environment.

In exclusive comments to the Daily Express, the Prince said: "Sustainable urban development is clearly critical in responding to the climate emergency.

"We all know it's so utterly and vitally important for the future of our planet and of course central, indeed absolutely fundamental I would have said, to any prospect of actually achieving the crucial COP26 targets."

The Prince intends to lobby world leaders and the mayors of major cities with his ideas at the G20 summit in Rome this weekend and then at COP26 in Glasgow next week.