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Virginia GOP Reports Voters Being Turned Away For Not Wearing Masks

•, by Kelen McBreen

On the eve of the election, polls showed Republican Glenn Youngkin held a 2-point lead over Democratic incumbent Terry McAuliffe.

"There have been several reports from voters who say they were told by poll workers that they are required to wear a mask in order to vote," the Virginia GOP wrote on Twitter. "To be clear, if someone is not wearing a face covering they may NOT be turned away or refused their right to vote."

Mark Hemingway of RealClearInvestigations posted a screenshot of a text he received claiming voters were being turned away for not having a face mask.

The state's election commissioner sent an email to poll workers reminding them that it is illegal to deny a Virginian the right to vote because they aren't wearing a Covid mask.

"We have gotten several reports of voters either being turned away or being made to wait until the polling place is clear before being allowed to vote if they refuse to wear a mask," wrote Christopher Piper.

He continued, "You may not turn voters away because they are not wearing masks."

Because most mask Nazis are left-leaning politically, the discriminatory acts could be perceived as preventing Republican voters from participating in the gubernatorial election.