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We need to be even FURTHER left:

• by Geoff Earle

Shell-shocked Democrats were reassessing what went wrong after losing the Virginia governor's race

Lawmakers pointed to the failure to pass Biden's domestic agenda and progressives issued stark messages

Ilhan Omar retweeted a comment by Twitter user Secular Talk that said: 'Can't wait for the left to be blamed for a not at all left democrat losing a D+10 state.' She added a face-smacking emoji 

The far-left Battle Barn Collective called the Virginia result a 'shellacking' that should 'wake up' the Dems 

Progressive said McAuliffe's campaign 'had no rebuttal to Republican race-baiting bull****' 

Senator Tim Kaine (D-Ohio) said he hoped his colleagues would treat the dismal showing like the 'Ghost of Christmas Future'

Moderate Democrats have called for an end to the infighting that has blocked spending bill talks 

Joe Manchin called the Virginia results 'unbelievable' and said it shows Dems need to focus more on issues    

Youngkin beat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, while New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was clinging to narrow lead