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Greenspan's Last Bubble Has Popped<br>by Gary North

• LewRockwell
I knew gold's decline was near. Also silver's. How did I know? Because I understand Mises' theory of the business cycle. The central bank inflates. This creates a boom. This creates sectoral bubbles. Then the central bank ceases to inflat

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Comment by Trouser Chili
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Gold was/is not in a bubble. It was not the main subject at parties, everyone wasn't selling everything they own to buy it, your friends were not recommending mining stocks to you, junior miners never shot to the moon, it was barely discussed on TV.

Gold and gold stocks take a 20% or so haircut EVERY YEAR.

Silver never surpassed its all-time high. It never even came close. How many people do you know who own silver bullion?

Now whether we're all in for deflation or inflation is an argument for another time....