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NIDA Announces $4M "Center on Cannabis Addiction"

• Alternet / Paul Armentano
The goal of the center, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse's press release, is to "develop novel approaches to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of marijuana addiction." [marijuana what?]

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No kidding. I have lived with heroin addicts, cocaine addicts, but I have only known two people whom I would call marijuana addicts. They just had to have their pot every day. But in both cases, pot no longer got them high, it was more like a habit. And both were fully, and I mean fully functional adults.

What I would like to do is meet the scientists whom developed some of the immunogenic (adjuvant) crap the US was experimentally spraying on Mexican marijuana crops in the 80's. Oh, yeah. I'd really like to meet you one day soon.