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The Jab That Cleaves

• by Eric

 Those of us who understood that it wasn't "just a mask" but visual-physical affirmation of a lie – or a symbol of craven willingness to pretend to believe it – found it difficult to continue to pretend to be friends with people who believed it –  or submitted to it.

And expected us to play along, too.

We didn't, many of us, because we knew that "masking" – if accepted – would lead to Jabbing. And so it has.

The damage done to the bonds of affection and what used to be plain old goodwill and civility has been catastrophic.

It is now getting worse.

I will relate a personal story about two people known to me. I will not say who they are because that is not necessary to convey the awfulness of what the pressure to submit to the Jab has done to them. Leaving aside what the Jab itself may do to them.

It is a story many of us already know. Many more will come to know it.