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Back up! Snapchat, Shopify and several other popular websites are working...


A massive Google Cloud outage caused several major websites, such as Spotify, Snapchat and Discord, to crash for several hours on Tuesday afternoon.

Google Cloud's service page showed the culprit is a networking issue that is impacting nearly a dozen sites and tens of thousands of users worldwide.

The problem started after 12pm ET, causing 404 errors on webpage, but websites affected by the networking outage seemed to be back online around 2:30pm - some users may still be experiencing issues.

Many of the services were aware of the outage, sharing the information on Twitter, but have not said when the issues will be fixed. 

Google Cloud's networking malfunction follows an even larger online fiasco that saw all of Meta's platforms - Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp - go down in a seven-hour-long global outage.

Google released a statement on its Cloud dashboard at 12:10pm ET, acknowledging the networking error.

'We apologize to all who are affected by the disruption,' the page reads.

'Diagnosis: Customers may encounter 404 errors when accessing web pages. Workaround: None at this time.'

According to the Verge, many of the outages shown on DownDetector, a web-based service that monitors online outages, coincides with when Google Cloud started experiencing an issue.