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Pfizer Vaccine is Using STERILIZATION Delivery Techniques Developed by SpayVac. DPX Delivery...

•, By: GeorgeEaton

Something about the schedule sounds familiar. Pfizer CEO is also a veterinarian... how convenient

This is a potential nail in the coffin for Pfizer - SpayVac's DPX lipid nanoparticle delivery system.

SpayVac produces the PZP infertility vaccine. They licensed their DPX lipid nanoparticle delivery technology to Pfizer for them to make the COVID vaccine.

The PZP vaccine doesn't cause immediate sterility - it takes over a year to appear. (Funny, Pfizer only studied a few months.) But PZP causes short term menstrual cycle changes as the immune system attacks the ovary cells. The SAME menstrual changes are being seen in women WORLDWIDE.

PZP requires storage temperatures down to -40C, unusual for most vaccines. Also, it requires two first shots given 2-6 weeks apart then a booster from 6-12 months, depending on species.