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Tucker Carlson With Kyle Rittenhouse: Facts Freed Kyle Rittenhouse

If Rittenhouse hadn't defended himself, those criminal thugs would have killed him. That's a fact that came out in the videos.  

Tucker Carlson interviewed Kyle Rittenhouse on one of the most watched interviews in modern history.  This kid showed himself to be an All-American young man. Balanced, articulate, sharp as a tack, good from the inside out.  He stunned the American audience by showing his care for his community, his excellence at school, and his lack of anger or revenge for all the people who have called him all those salacious names.

Thankfully, after the mainstream media tried, convicted and hung Kyle Rittenhouse...the facts came out clearly...and the jury did what it was supposed to do: decide on the facts. And the facts surfaced that this young man defended himself.

The tragedy is that Joe Biden condemned Kyle without any facts. Biden called Rittenhouse a white supremist. That has been proven absurd as it was a white on white incident. The MSM condemned Rittenhouse with emotions, bias, prejudice and not facts. People like Joy Reid, Don Lemon, Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough and the rest of them...well, that's the reason we don't trust any of those talking heads. We don't trust the MSM because of such incredible bias. Rittenhouse should sue Biden, Scarborough, Reid, Todd, Lemon and the rest of them. 

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld nailed it, "It was a victory for self-defense.  It was a victory for the Second Amendment, it was a victory for people who don't like pedophiles, who don't like riots, who don't like domestic abusers. It is a loss for CNN, a loss for MSNBC, a loss for stupid people, a loss for people who want to defund the police. It's a loss for the legacy media that try to change the narrative away from the truth and create a basket of lies."

Here's a fact not mentioned about the men who attempted to kill Rittenhouse:  Newly released documents by Wisconsin Right Now from Pima City, Arizona clerk of the court confirmed that Joe Rosenbaum was charged by a grand jury with 11 counts of child molestation and inappropriate sexual activity with children including anal rape. The victims were boys between the ages of nine and eleven years old. Rosenbaum was convicted on two amended counts as part of a plea deal.

Anthony Huber was a convicted criminal who attempted to kill his own brother with a knife. "Huber spent time in prison twice, first for violating probation after strangling his brother and again for kicking his sister," as reported by the Washington Post.

Mr. Gaige Grosskreutz beat his own grandmother in a domestic abuse case, convicted DUI, and burglary. (Source: www.radaronline.com "Kyle Rittenhouse Murder Trial: Sole Shooting Survivor & Star Witness Gaige Grosskreutz Has A Lengthy Criminal Past.")

If Kyle Rittenhouse hadn't defended himself against a convicted child rapist, and a convicted female abuser, and Grosskreutz, who pointed a gun to his head, Kyle would be dead. They attacked him with intent to kill. Those facts came out in the trial and in the videos.

Additionally, a black career rioter and felon, Maurice Freeland, tried to kick Rittenhouse in the head…all caught on video. Freeland's actions constitute assault and battery on their own. But, he won't be charged because of his skin color. 

"It's crazy that there are people on other networks who champion riots but not self-defense," Gutfeld said. "So, violence is okay if it's 

'en masse', if it's a group of people. But if it's you up against a guy with a skateboard, which murders people, that's wrong, so there you go."

At some point, the real culprits are the mayor of Kenosha, the governor of Wisconsin, and all the politicians who allowed $2 billion in looting, carnage, arson and mayhem by BLM criminals and Antifa thugs last summer. The Kenosha mayor ordered the police to "stand down" and not enforce the law.  When you have BLM and Antifa on the loose, you need to arrest every single one of them and take them to trial. That would stop all this lawlessness by these thugs that have no respect for life, property, businesses and other people.  They don't respect their country, their communities, nor themselves. They are anarchists.

Hopefully, the National Guard and cops will arrest every rioter in the days ahead and put their little butts in jail. Kyle Rittenhouse should sue CNN, Joe Scarborough, Joy Reid, Don Lemon, Maxine Waters and MSNBC for slander and defamation.

The facts rendered the law of the land. Twelve jurists upheld the U.S. Constitution.  For those anarchists who condemn others via emotions, that's why we support three branches of government.  That's why we don't trust talking heads like Lemon, Reid, Scarborough, Chuck Todd and others who run on rumor, hearsay, prejudice, slander, libel and whitewash.

What started the whole mess?  Jacob Blake!

In July 2021 a warrant was issued for Mr. Blake's arrest on charges of third-degree sexual assault, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. On Aug. 23, the woman who had filed the complaint that led to those charges called 911 to report that Blake was at her home. Officers responded to a domestic abuse complaint. They tried to arrest Blake.  He resisted arrest and tried to escape.  That's when Blake was shot. Had he simply abided by the officers' requests, he would have had his day in court. 

That's when BLM exploded in the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin and burned the city out at $50,000,000.00 in damages.  Burning, looting and anarchy are no way to solve anything in a civil society.

That led Rittenhouse to come to his father's home, wash graffiti off walls and help protect property.  He's really a good kid. He put out a dumpster fire during the riots. He was a Police Explorer for Grays Lake Police Department.  He was a cadet for the Antioch Fire Department.  He was a certified lifeguard at the YMCA and CPR certified.

What makes most law-abiding Americans really sick stems from the fact that even the President of the United States said, "I'm angry and concerned about the acquittal."  Rittenhouse should sue Joe Biden for slander for calling Rittenhouse a "white supremist."  

Point in fact, Black Lies Mayhem people burned the city down at $50,000,000.00 in damages, but not one of them faced a court room.  The mayor stood by and let the anarchists do their thing.  Talk about injustice and loss of the "rule of law."