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INSANE! No Jab? No License? - Governments To BAN Unvaccinated From DRIVING?...

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson - Bitchut

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent move by multiple governments worldwide to ban people from going for driver's tests without a vaccine. This is the latest tyrannical move to completely destroy the remaining basic individual freedoms people may have left.

MPI (Manitoba Public Insurance) which is a government monopolized insurance company in Manitoba Canada has announced that they wish to ban people from doing a driver's test (and therefor be able to get a license) if they don't have a jab. Meanwhile in Utah, the new digital driver's license connected to the internet of things will show your vaccine status and records.

This is an obvious move to a technocratic social credit system as Utah's digital license which multiple other states intend to copy will include your social credit score as well. This is beyond insane but also not in any way surprising as we have been warning about this for many years.

Meanwhile, the IMF wants to use your Google search history to decide your social credit.

This is only the beginning of the global technocratic cashless society. From social credit with vaccine passports and carbon credits to the gulags billions openly revere.