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Mike Flynn sounds the alarm, says Dems are going to try and disrupt 2022 midterms

• Natural News - JD Heyes

(Natural News) Anyone who is even remotely familiar with economic principles knows that the policies Joe Biden's handlers are putting in place are designed to crush our financial system and our economy writ large.

You don't print trillions in U.S. dollars, then dump them into an economy that is suffering a regime-caused supply chain crisis and not expect prices for goods and services to skyrocket, as they have.

And yet, Biden's handlers continue to double and triple down on those same policies: After passing two multitrillion-dollar spending measures, one for COVID and the other for "infrastructure," now Biden and Democrats want to spend another $2 trillion on a left-wing wish list of progressive social and climate goodies. It's insane.

Or is it? Maybe in an 'evil genius' kind of way, and we're not the only ones who believe that.