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Australia Has Fallen. Is Our Nation Next?

• Organic Prepper - Jeff Thompson

Regular readers of world events have long since understood this fact – that Australia has turned into a fascist state reminiscent of The Children of Men.

We are witnessing the death of free speech

Throughout the course of the past two years, we've witnessed the death of free speech in what was once a (relatively) free nation. We've seen pregnant women arrested in front of their screaming children for Facebook posts which organized ACTUAL peaceful anti-slavery protests. Police entered her home, told her she had broken the law for doing so, and took her away an hour before she had her ultrasound. You can see the video of it below. Your blood will boil.

Australia has taken things even further

We've covered this at TOP before, but it bears repeating. It is within Australia that police can now "legally" change one's social media posts to say anything they feel to.