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A Different Kind of Card - Myassetscard

• Myassetscard

Almost no businesses accept Au (gold), Ag (silver), Pd (palladium), Rh (rhodium), Pt (platinum), as a medium of exchange and this gap is why My Assets Card has created its cutting edge platform. Our exclusive service allows My Assets Card clients to utilize their assets in holding as a method of payment in tandem with a Visa Debit Card that can be transacted with on a global scale. 

Our clients rest easy knowing their precious metals are stored in a secure, fully insured and segregated vault. Clients also enjoy the benefit of having access to their assets for viewing or taking physical custody of at any time. If a client desires to redeem their assets, they can do so as quickly as administratively feasible (usually 48 hours) via shipment of their precious metals directly to them.

Open a My Assets Card holding account today and allow us to help you procure your assets to fund your Visa Debit Card so you can start transacting with them right away. We also accept shipment/transmission of verified assets you already posses. Contact us to have your current assets validated for storage.