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Emma Brown Begs the Question but Practices Good, Honest Journalism


In those interactions Ms. Brown did nothing intellectually dishonest, which makes her stand out (beyond the obligatory use of "baseless" included in articles sharing her byline: these days I simply disregard these as genuflections among the faithful and I take no offense). Furthermore, she showed manners, which indicates a certain intellectual honesty in a reporter (as opposed to snarkiness, which indicates a substitution of emotion for reason). For these reasons, I have stayed in loose engagement.

Thus, when news of Ms. Powell's federal investigation matters became public, I believed it was time that the public receive some transparency regarding those events, given that (for a time) the names of myself and others close to me were associated with Sidney's DTR (however briefly). Because Ms. Brown had previously shown a willingness to practice straightforward journalism, I cooperated with her.

Today Emma has published this account. In general, it is a display of solid old-fashioned journalism that is to be commended.

Sidney Powell group raised more than $14 million spreading election falsehoods

I have a small number of quibbles I would make with Ms. Brown's writing:

Ms. Brown uses the word "lieutenants" with reference to what later proves to be Mike and Joe Flynn, our colleagues, and myself. None of us understood ourselves to be Sidney's "lieutenants".