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Operation Cassandra - by William S. Lind

Let me state it here, again, as plainly as I can: an American attack on Iran could cost us the whole army we now have in Iraq.

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Our military in Iraq being wiped out?! Yes it can. 150,000 well armed, technologically superior fighting force cannot stand up for long against 30,000,000 mostly young and pissed of subjugated people who simultaneously decide not to be. Attacking Iran would be the trigger. How fast can air resupply the troops? For how long? Berlin airlift type stuff. And from what bases, located how far?

The author does not define POL. It is the fuel supply. Tanks that get 7 gallons to the mile don't go for long.

Several scenarios appear regarding the Sunnis and Kurds (who are Sunni). They can assist our retreat. Or, decide paybacks a bitch and harry our forces the entire way. Or both. Sunnis are a diverse bunch that can take advantage of several opportunities this presents. Al-Qaeda (also Sunni) will definitely want to get their last opportunity for shots in. We have sided with Turkey against the Kurds. Turkey will not be allowing our forces to pass through their territory ARMED --- this is a cultural thing and cannot be bribed, cajoled, ignored or forced. So expect how the Pentagon will receive the news that the Turkish government, and NATO ally, expects us to leave our weapons behind at their border. We have threatened the Sunnis largest ally, Syria, at every opportunity ... ah, why?

Chickens coming home to roost. Hope your kids aren't involved.