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3 Best Flexible Solar Panels (2022)

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If you're thinking about getting solar power for your RV, camper van, or trailer, then consider a flexible solar panel. They are a little more forgiving than rigid solar panels, and are very convenient for the RV lifestyle!

In a recent podcast interview with Matt Foxcroft about RV innovations, we mentioned that running over a pothole in an RV is like going through a near 5.0 earthquake. That's why some people opt for flexible over rigid solar panels.

While flexible panels may not be quite as efficient as a traditional solar panel, they still offer high efficiency and excellent power output.

The following outlines what to look for in the best flexible solar panels, and my top choices on the market today!

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Flexible Solar Panels vs. Traditional Panels

The main difference between traditional rigid panels and flexible panels is (surprise, surprise) the flexible nature of the panels.

Flexible solar panels can be used in a wide range of applications. There are different installations that flexible panels are well-suited, such as being installed on uneven surfaces. That makes them great for recreational vehicles and camper vans!

Flexible panels are also lightweight, durable, portable, and relatively low cost!

They are also semi-transparent, meaning that they can be installed on glass or as a window.

While flexible solar panels have many benefits, there are some disadvantages of flexible solar panels as well. Traditional solar panels are more efficient than their flexible counterparts. A standard solar panel is better at converting sunlight into solar energy than panels with a curved surface.