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A World With Cheap Aging Damage Reversal

•, by Brian Wang

Oisin Biotechnologies has been developing a highly precise, patent-pending, DNA-targeted intervention to clear these cells. There is also work by Rejuvenate Bio to create injectable combination gene therapy that could reverse aging damage in adults.

This could eventually make aging damage repair treatment like a periodic injection. If there are many companies each with their own injectable aging damage repair treatment then it will be like COVID vaccinations where there are many treatment options.

Currently, there are about 130 million births per year and about 60 million deaths per year. About 60% of the deaths are from old age-related conditions. About 18 million deaths (30%) per year are from diseases and conditions related to global poverty. About 2-3 million deaths are related to various kinds of accidents. About 1 million deaths are due to violence (war, murder etc…) but this figure can vary a great deal based upon the amount of war. There are a few million non-age and non-poverty related disease deaths.