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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Andrew Kaufman EXPOSES Omicron! - There IS NO VIRUS! - MASS Depopulation Event?

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson - Bitchut

Josh Sigurdson talks with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, likely one of the loudest, most controversial doctors speaking out against the scam to this day.

In this video, we talk about Omicron, the fake variant which we're supposed to be scared to death of despite absolutely zero evidence of its existence.

From Omicron, we then move on to talk about PCR tests (and rapid antigen tests) and expose the falsification of data utilizing tests that cannot diagnose.

We also talk about the existence of viruses. Is it possible that there are literally no viruses in existence? What is the evidence? Dr. Kaufman has been reaching out for doctors and virologists to debate him on this issue for some time now and no one is willing to take the bait as they cannot dispute the claims he makes.

Finally, we talk about the vaccine. Is this a global genocide? Population control? Can the jabbed shed unto the unjabbed?

This is a must watch!