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Pictured: The amazing floating five-star hotel in Dubai with motorised luxury villas...


Here's a hotel that might float your boat – one that will actually float.

New renderings showcase the Kempinski Floating Palace, a novel five-star resort 'positioned as one of its kind' with superyacht berths that will be anchored next to Dubai's Jumeirah Beach when it opens in 2023.

Not only does the uber-luxurious resort float, but the 12 villas that encircle it will be able to detach from the main hotel and travel under their own power at jogging speed to a different location.

Described as 'luxury houseboats' by Swiss hotelier Kempinski, these villas will be connected to the central 156-room hotel by pontoons.  

They will have a flat hull, feature a small cabin for crew accommodation and have a built-in engine. Guests can employ their own skipper to steer the villa or use one provided by the hotel. 

Conditions will dictate whether the villas will be able to anchor further afield - calm waters are required for setting sail. They cannot travel offshore and are not intended to be permanently anchored elsewhere.

The villas will be two-storey structures with between one and four bedrooms, as well as a private roof terrace and infinity pool.

They'll also come equipped with 'large panoramic windows and all the technical features of a smart home'. 

According to a statement, the villas have been designed to be environmentally friendly and will feature solar panels. Each property will be available for sale or for rent for those with cash to burn. 

Guests will be able to arrive at the resort - which will be built by Seagate Shipyard - by speedboats, or alternatively can pull up in their own yacht. 

There's a parking deck that will accommodate up to 16 boats, and larger yachts, according to a statement from Kempinski, will sail in and out of the main hotel through a central passageway. 

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