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Check this CODE Before Buying New Tires! #Shorts

•, ChrisFix

Do tires expire? In this #shorts video I cover how to tell how old tires are. You never want to buy new tires older than 18 months and you want to start thinking about replacing your tires if they are 6yrs old and at 10yrs or more definitely replace them! When I got my first set of new tires for my first car I was so excited. On the drive home I spun out on a turn and almost wrecked my car. I didnt take the turn fast or anything and I was so confused at what happend. After doing research I found my "new tires" were actually 7 years old and the rubber had become brittle and less grippy. Tire-easy would not let me exchange the tires because they were mounted so I learned an expensive and almost deadly lesson. Always check the tire age before buying tires!