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World's Largest Real-Life Study on CBD Products Finds Improvements in Pain, Anxiety, and Sleep


Known as the ACES trial, (Advancing CBD Education and Science), participants experienced a 71% improvement in their well-being on average, while 63% experienced an improvement in anxiety and sleep quality, and 47% experienced improvements in pain levels. 61% of participants reported an effect within one to four hours of taking their product.

The group behind the trial is Radicle Science, a health-tech startup looking to revolutionize the way in which natural consumer products are studied and evaluated for efficacy.

"Radicle Science has delivered much-needed clarity to a confusing marketplace where consumers are baffled as to which products and dosages might best serve their needs," says Ethan Russo, MD, one of the study's collaborator working with Radicle. "Radicle is charting a compelling and innovative course towards offering personalized predictive data on the health effects of cannabidiol products consumed by millions of Americans every day".

And indeed it is millions. A 2019 Gallup poll found that an estimated 14%, or at least 1 in 7 Americans that answered Gallup polls, report to use CBD; mostly for pain, even though a Consumer Brand Association study in July of 2021 found that consumer knowledge of CBD is around 3.3 out of 10.

"Despite the massive and growing market size, there is still scant data on the effectiveness of over-the-counter cannabinoid products," says Jeff Chen, MD and CEO of Radicle Science.

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