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What If Cancer Was Already Cured?

•, By Bill Sardi

Looking back, it appears the first realization that cancer had been cured occurred in 2008 when the world learned via this author that white blood cells known as macrophages could be activated to effect a cure.  What happened in the aftermath is the subject of this report.

Background: abject failure to cure cancer

False claims of cancer cures are not being made by health quacks but by degreed doctors and "ethical" medical institutions.  Cancer care is a business and any dent in the volume of care (1.7 million diagnosed/year) would financially threaten a $175 billion industry.  Modern medicine can't afford to cure cancer says a striking report entitled The Cancer Industry: Hype vs. Reality (Scientific American).

The cancer industry has reached a dead-end (no pun intended).  The median cost for new cancer drugs is now above $150,000; the cost of a year of life gained $200,000; the estimated cost to eliminate cancer is $316,641 and would increase total healthcare expenditures 3-fold, thus bankrupting all healthcare programs.  1 in 3 cancer patients must turn to friends or family to pay for care.  Possibly reallocation of funds toward cancer prevention would spare health plans from insolvency, but the problem is that many cancers are not detected until it is too late.

Of current interest, ~6% of Covid-19 patients have developed cancer, 1.8-fold greater than those without cancer.  Immunotherapy would address both diseases.

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