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Elon Musk Shares Infographic About What Every Child Should Learn


Elon Musk believes that today's schools can be vastly improved. He has donated, generously, to make a good education available for all. In addition, he also created a small private school, Ad Astra, for the children of SpaceX staff and others who desire an innovative (albeit unusual) curriculum. 

Although technology has helped to transform learning, Musk has voiced concerns surrounding too much information (and disinformation) via social media, bogus news, etc. This is especially pervasive for children as too much screen time tends to bombard kids' "airwaves" — oftentimes filling their minds with, for lack of a better word, nonsense.  

In a podcast with Joe Rogan, Musk vented about the negatives of social media, "Particularly Instagram... [with people faking] they are way better-looking than they really are and they are way happier-seeming than they really are." He also tweeted, "Just don't like Facebook. Gives me the willies."

A few weeks ago, Elon followed up, "The overarching problem is that we need better mental firewalls for the information constantly coming at us. Critical & first principles thinking should be a required course in middle school. Who wrote the software running in your head? Are you sure you actually want it there?"

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